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Who is InjuryMD?

In September of 2019, we opened as West Valley Accident & Injury, with a goal to offer the best in post-accident, injury care for the Phoenix West Valley. My wife, two young children, and I, after nearly 30 years in Nashville, TN, where I had worked as an Emergency Medicine physician (as well as a paid songwriter and studio vocalist), decided to make the move back to the place I had so enjoyed in my training days at Maricopa Medical Center.

As we embarked on this adventure, I quickly found that our original moniker, West Valley Accident & Injury, was often confused with other providers and clinics of similar business names. So were our services. It was then that I knew it was time to differentiate ourselves from the pack. But we didn't want to do so by name, alone.

So, what makes us different?

- Every patient is seen by me, a medical doctor, on every visit. This is important not only for assessment and treatment of your injuries, but also as an enhancement to your legal case.

- We try to treat everyone who enters our office as a part of our extended family. The reality of your injury is that it is never just physical. There are emotionally stressing components - loss of wages, loss of a vehicle, job stressors, family challenges, fears, anxiety, etc. - and we do our best to take the time to listen so that you not only feel cared for, but also leave our office feeling less stressed than when you arrived.

- While your chiropractor can take care of your neck and back pain, he or she cannot treat a concussion, shoulder sprain/rotator cuff injury, knee sprain, carpal tunnel injury, or other extremity problem. Your chiropractor is also unable to prescribe medications. As a medical doctor, I am able to do all of these. I was also trained in Integrative Medicine, which allows me to offer more natural ways of dealing with your stress, or to assist in your recovery.

- With my vast experience as a doctor in an emergency room setting, you can bet that I have seen just about every sort of injury that you might have. That means that I understand the process of assessment, treatment, and general recovery better than your family doctor or chiropractor.

- We strive in our team approach to keep in close contact with all of those involved with your case - from your attorney and paralegal, to your chiropractor or physical therapist, we do our best to stay on top of your situation so that we are better able to help you understand the process while also taking some of the stress off of your "back."

We at InjuryMD look forward to guiding you along the way to your recovery with the best in medical care that ultimately comes with a large dose of kindness.

It's my wish that you never need our services. But if you do find yourself with injjuries related to an auto accident, I sincerely hope that you'll give us a try. You won't be sorry. Promise!

Dennis P. McCracken,MD

Medical Director - InjuryMD

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