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Do I Need Prescription Medication After An Accident?

Car accidents are unique in that they often cause injury to the entire body. After an auto accident, it is important that you seek medical treatment right away, even if you feel perfectly fine. There are many different types of medical professionals that can assist you after an auto accident, but it is in your best interest to see a car accident medical doctor because they specialize in all of the various conditions that can result in an auto accident, including whiplash and concussions. As a car accident medical doctor, we have experience and knowledge with injuries that result from auto accidents and can quickly assess your needs and provide you the best possible care.

We can determine if you need physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, or some other therapy and can coordinate with those doctors to ensure seamless and consistent care. Some accidents do require the need for prescription medication and we make that determination on a case by case basis. We know that prescription medication is often given too quickly, especially in the case of an auto accident. We follow stringent protocols in determining when a patient is in need of medication and prescribe it as necessary. You can feel confident in the care we provide and know that we are dedicated to helping you regain your life and achieve the best overall health possible.

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